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A little Horror-Adventure game with focus on exploration and puzzle solving.

A dark place filled with nothing more than silence.
Alone with yourself inside the darkness.
Would you be able to escape from this madness?


  • 1-hour long story mode.
  • Three different endings.
  • Dark story and depressing atmosphere.
  • Many different puzzles.
  • Point 'n Click action.

Be ready to face your worst nightmare.


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Development log


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My questions are... Was Meatchaser supposed to represent Hector's self-destruction tendencies, and that's why during the first ending, after we allow him destroy himself, the nurse supposedly finds Hector dead from suicide? And, if you actually thought about that, was Hector commited into the asylum for some kind of a crime?

About the Meatchaser, you are right... but Hector is not dead at the end of the first ending, and no, he's not a criminal.

It's a fight against his mental disorders (mainly Schizophrenia).

We don't wanna spoil to much. Main goal of Silent Lullaby is to let the player in some kind of confusion state. 

So, sorry if we can't go into too much detail.

I would really like to ask a few questions about the symbolism of the Meatchaser and a little bit about the plot, if you won't mind.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. No problem for us :)

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

Finished :)

And no more content to be added, so it is safe to play?

No, for real, you won't be updating the game anymore?

Yes, this game is completed for us. It's just a small project :)


Very simple controls but tricky puzzles to solve. The jump scares are well distributed and the design of the game is fantastic! 

Thank you !!

Nice little throwback to the old point and click games

Thank you !!

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Per request of a viewer I went back in and got all the endings as well as doing a quick replay of the whole game. It seems some of my earlier criticisms were unfounded and I'm happy to say that. Great work you two! (still think the jumpscares need some tweaking)

Overall I really love the art style, music and sound design. The puzzles are alright, though some do seem to rely a bit to heavily on random choice or chance. I'm curious to see end at least and see if there is anything to the story. The jumpscares, however, are some of the cheapest I've ever seen in a game. No build up, no context, no visual or environmental triggers. Just a face with a loud noise out of nowhere. Seeing the quality of the rest of the game, I'd expect better.

Thank you for playing and for your feedback.

Silent  Lullaby was our first horror/adventure game, it was something totally new for us.

Puzzles are no random, they are a just bit obscure.

Feedbacks are like gold to us, so thank you again.

I'm glad you found the feedback useful. Though when I say random I meant more along the lines of trial and error, is there any way to determine which eye plant grants the eye before you try? Otherwise it is a trial end error experience that punishes the player for trying. Unless you resort to save scumming then you're going to be forced to use a finite resource in order to counteract each failed guess until you guess correctly.

Yes you can. If you look closely, there is an eye plant with a different idle animation :)

Very nice GUI and environment but I'm stuck at the Chest password.The hint was very hard to think. 

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There are many chests inside the game, but if it's the first chest than you are not the first person who think that.

Probably it's to difficult.

Anyway, thank you for playing.

Very nice GUI and environment but I'm stuck at the Chest password.The hint was very hard to think.