The Fog of Death keeps spreading through the land of Alusia, bringing insanity, madness and death.
No one can stop the evil miasma and no one can resist his cursed power.
There is no hope in the realm of the living, only the death can defeat the death...

What is Dark Medieval Times?

Dark Medieval Times is a Souls-like Action Platform RPG with a heavy focus on challenging gameplay and exploration. You can think of the game as a crazy mix between Rayman, Dark Souls, Medievil and Castlevania.


Huge interconnected world ispired by Metroidvania and Souls-like genres.
Fast hack 'n' slash combat and challenging platforming.
Over 250 items and weapons to find.
Over 30 recipes to create through alchemy.
Tons of different enemies to fight.
Lots of RPG elements and total personalization of character development.
Tons of secrets to find and quests to complete.
Gamepad and keyboard support (though, gamepad is heavily recommended).
And much more...


This is an early alpha build and it shows only the beginning of the game.
English for this version can be a little broke. The final version will be translated with the help of a native speaker.

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I seem to have comeacross a bug in my game, the bug is involved with those climbing rock things and when I try to grab them nothing happens.  Can you plaese help me fix this bug?  Also I am having a lot of fun with the game, asside from the bug, and hope you guys/ gals reach your goal with it.

also if you would like to see the bug I can post a video showing It's properties.

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Hi, thank you for playing , this is the first demo of DMT. If you want, you can try the new version without bugs :)

Here's the link:

that is the version I am using, however I commented on yhis one because I could not comment on the other. This version (DMT I) just wont work on my computer. 

hi giovanni, hi ricardo.

i played the demo the last 2days. with interruptions.

and si can i say, that i love this game. i am an fan to plaform games many years.

my favorite game is the oddworld series. you know it ?

abes oddysee and exodus and so on.

and here i have a similar feeling with dmt.

the protagonistic charakter have have a lot of life in itself.

the opponents are sometimes pretty nasty.

like the zombie named "claw" (is that right ?) or the "orkpigs with 6 eyes".

The different attack patterns loosen the fight well .and one must well pay attention.

congratulation for you. it is a nice game.

i hope it will give an release date soon.

stay tuned. it could be a indie hit.

all goods greetings


wusterhusen germany


Hi my friend, 

we are really happy to hear that.

About a release date, we hope to reach Steam in 2018. We have tons of work ahead but we will release a Demo 2 for sure.

Thank you for playing.

Greetings from Italy :)

I couldn't believe it but I managed to finish the demo too. Skeletons rule! Can't wait to see more. :) Maybe we can talk live about DMT. 

Amazing video walkthrough!

Congrats, it's the first time that i see a video with someone defeating the Twisted Abomination. Really, congratulations.

We hope to reach Steam next year,  we'll release a new demo (and other small projects) before.

We can talk about DMT if you want, but i'm a bit slow to translate in english :)

This was the first time I defeated him. I must have died two dozen times before. Interestingly, although I prefer a sword, the one time I used the spear (in the video), it was a success. :) 
Also I gotta say it's a pretty solid build, good work with it. It doesn't 'feel' like an alpha in terms of polish and content.
If you guys feel up to it English-wise... later on we could do an interview. :) 

I can understand english without any problem, but when i have to talk, well, i need my time :)

So if you want to ask some questions we can e-mail each other, if you like. 

Quick email sent. ;) 

Hi! This game is a really cool game! I like the concept of the game and would be awesome if more features are added and I made a video on youtube in INDONESIAN! Check it out! TERIMA KASIH!

I completed the demo and i had a great time with it. My only gripe with is was the number of buttons you have to use. I like to play with an arcade stick/ fighting stick which has only 10 buttons to configure, so i couldn't make use of the shortcut function (which made the game much harder!). I would like it if i could use "up" as "jump" or "up + attack" as "special attack" or other combos. That would save buttons AND make it easier to master the controls.

P.S. Is that glove somewhere in the Demo? I did not find it.

Congratulation, you are one of the few people who completed this (a bit) unbalanced demo. Really, congrats.

We lock if we can do something about arcade stick, but, i think the normal pad is still the better option to play the game.

No, you can't find the glove in the demo. Is near but it's in a locked area. There are tons of locked or unreachable locations in the demo.

Downloaded the demo and playing with an Xbox 360 controller, it's difficult to activate/open things. And to use doors. :| 

Yeah, we decided to update the controls layout. No more problem of this kind in the future :)