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The Fog of Death keeps spreading through the land of Alusia, bringing insanity, madness and death.
No one can stop the evil miasma and no one can resist his cursed power.
There is no hope in the realm of the living, only the death can defeat the death...

What is Dark Medieval Times?

Dark Medieval Times is a Souls-like Action Platform RPG with a heavy focus on challenging gameplay and exploration. You can think of the game as a crazy mix between Rayman, Dark Souls, Medievil and Castlevania.


Huge interconnected world inspired by Metroidvania and Souls-like genres.
Fast hack 'n' slash combat and challenging platforming.
Over 300 items and weapons.
Over 30 recipes to create through alchemy.
Tons of different enemies to fight.
Lots of RPG elements and total personalization of character development.
Tons of secrets to find and quests to complete.
Gamepad and keyboard support (though, gamepad is heavily recommended).
And much more...

Version II new contents:

  • New weapons, items, NPCs, enemies, skills, stats, locations, etc…
  • Tons of new visual effects.
  • Revamped combat system.
  • New game mechanics.


This is an early alpha build and it shows only the beginning of the game.
English for this version can be a little broke. The final version will be translated with the help of a native speaker.

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this game is amazing, I simply love it, its challanging,fun and whenever you die it feels fair. overall this is an amazing game.

Thank you, we are glad you liked it!

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This is amazing.  This is the best thing I have ever found on Itch and I will purchase it IMMEDIATELY upon release!  Great job,  keep up the good work, can't wait for a release of the full game! ; 3

Wow!!! Thank you!

We really appreciate it.


Really cool, definitely  reminds me of Dark Souls!

Thank you, glad to hear that!

I had a qucik play and I have to say that I like the style. Neat graphics, great audio and I do plan to play it some more.



Thank you for playing!!!

you guys mad eanother game cool I can't wait

Glad to hear that :)

Overall I'm pretty impressed by this. I know it's still a demo and all that but there is a pretty huge amount of stats, attributes and the like from the start. I worry that it's going to replace some depth that may be possible with the combat mechanics but as a demo it stands up really well. I'd love to see some more directional attacks when it comes to combat so all of the depth isn't relegated to the menu screens. Other than that, a bit of story would be nice but this is all a really solid foundation!


Every area, object, enemy, boss and NPC (by the way, you missed 3 of them) have a story. It's like a souls-borne game, you have your story and a huge lore to explore :)

We are not english native speakers, so we decided to release a gameplay-only demo (it's not easy to translate complex text).

Anyway, thank you for playing and congrats, your video is amazing (but you missed a lot of things :D).